Our Product

Our Product

Evaporative Condenser

  • Wide range of duties for Ammonia / Freon condensation.
  • Unmatchingly efficient evaporative condenser unit with coil block in SS-304 material construction.
  • Multi section design enabling ease of transportation and installation
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Screw compressor Package

  • Assembly of screw compressor package with compressor block, oil separator, oil cooler & coalescing filter, control panel with necessary controls.
  • Pressure tested and ready for connection.
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Reciprocating Compressor Condensing Unit

  • Packed condensing units in painted frame, fully equipped with PHE condenser, compressor, oil cooler, receiver, electrical control panel with compressor starter and all necessary safety switches.
  • Pressure tested and ready for connection to low side.
  • Available for wide range of duties.
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Refrigeration Pressure Vessels and Equipments such as Oil-Separator, Accumulator etc.

  • Fabrication of all allied equipment needed in refrigeration system such as pressure vessels,economizer, intercooler, oil separator, oil pot etc
  • Equipment design complying with ASME Sec VIII Div.3
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